Recreational Programs

All classes are in sessions.  The Fall A and Fall B are 8 weeks, Winter and Spring are 12 weeks and Summer is 10 weeks. There is a yearly registration fee of $48 per child or $84 per family  due at the time of registration and billed every year on the anniversary date of enrollment. You may choose to pay your session tuition in monthly installments, or pay for the full session upfront.  Please visit the general information section for details on our registration and billing process.

Monthly Tuition (full session commitment required; see session dates below):

45 Minute per Week Class: $79/month

1 Hour per Week Class: $95/month

1.5  Hours per Week Class: $140/month

3 Hours per Week Class $195/month

Winter 2017-2018:  November 26, 2017 – March 4, 2018

Spring 2018:  March 5 – May 26

Open registration for each session begins approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the session.

Not sure if a class is right for your child? Request a no obligation TRIAL class! (Click the register button below)

Preschool Stars (ages 18 months to 5 years)

This program combines physical and cognitive learning. It incorporates numbers and letters into gymnastics to teach counting, labeling, and matching. The program is set up in 3 stages for children of different ages:

BabyStars (18 mos to 3 years)an introductory class where children participate with mom or dad.

LittleStars (3 to 4 years) — a 45-minute class for children who are prepared to participate in class on their own.

ShootingStars (4 to 5 years) — a 45-minute class where students learn gymnastics fundamentals.

Mini Ninjas (3 1/2 to 5 years) — a 45-minute active movement class where students have fun running, jumping, climbing and balancing throughout our gym.

Girls Gym Adventures (grades K-8)

Gym Adventures is an introductory, ongoing, and progressive gymnastics program. In each session, students will progress through skills in four areas: Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. Our curriculum is designed to suit all levels..

Gym Stars — Level 1 (ages 5-12)

Gym Stars is our girls’ performance gymnastics class. In this first level, athletes will learn a routine that incorporates skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor, then perform it for family and friends twice a year in November and May. All students are invited to join level 1! Gym Stars Levels 1 meets one day per week for 1.5 hours. Students have the option of purchasing a Gym Stars leotard. As students’ skills progress, they may test out of level 1 into level 2 or 3 classes.

Tumble Stars (ages 5-17)

TUMBLE STARS (age 5-17 years) is a tumbling program divided into two skills levels.

Handstands to Handsprings 1, tumblers learn basic tumbling skills including cartwheels, forward rolls, hurdles, bridges and back walkovers.

Handstands to Handsprings 2, students continue their skills by working on front and back handsprings, layouts, fulls, front and back tucks.

Iron Ninjas (ages 6-13 years)

Our 45 minute Ninja class will challenge school age students both physically and mentally by focusing on coordination, strength, agility and body awareness through active movement.  This class will present new challenges through obstacles, trampoline, tumbling and pit fun.

Boys Gym Stars Level 1-2

Boys Gym Stars athletes will progress through skills on floor, mushroom/pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and low bar. This is a 1.5 hour per week commitment with skills progression.  There may also be possible opportunities for competitions based on skill level and interest.

Iluminar Aerial — (ages 5 to adult)

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