Flatirons Gymnastics evaluation system for our Gym Stars classes.

Star Week is a 2-week process each session.  During the first week, athletes will be evaluated on the skills they have learned during the session on each event. Skills will be evaluated through a star process and rated between 1 and 3 stars:

  • 1 Star = A Performed Skill
  • 2 Stars = An Achieved Skill
  • 3 Stars = A Mastered Skill

During week two, we will be updating each student’s skill tree online, and our lead coaches will be inviting athletes who are ready to move up into the next level (in person or via email).

You can track your child’s skill progression online through the Parent Portal!

If your athlete misses class during Star Week you may schedule a make-up evaluation via email.

Also, every May & November we host a Gym Stars Performance, where our athletes can showcase their skills!  Please keep an eye out for more information for our next show during our Fall session.